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Duties and their salary in inland vessel


  • Trainee Seaman: - Working as assistant of Handler/Master. General duties – Maintenance of ship as-Washing or cleaning, chipping, scrapping, painting, cooking. During loading / discharging carefully passing and taking the ropes. Maintaining proper safety, behavior and obey seniors. Watch keeping duty. Monthly salary Rs.6,000/- to 8,000/-
  •  Handler/Sukhani: - Working as assistant of Master. General duties- Responsible to maintain safety equipment and ship maintenance materials and guide all working crew about safety equipment and there uses. Responsible to take proper load and discharge the vessel. Medical and store in charge, dividing watch keeping duty among crew. Monthly salary Rs.8,000/- to 12,000/
  • 2nd Class Master/1st Class Master: - Master is the over all in charge of the ship and responsible for all happening of ship. All crew who are working on ship follow and comes under master. Master is also responsible for communication with Company, mother vessel and loading point. Monthly salary Rs.15,000 to 20,000/-(2nd class master) and Rs.20,000/- to 60,000/-( 1st class master)
  • Oiler: - Working as assistant of Driver .General duties- He is responsible to keep clean, oil and dust free of engine room and all machineries. To maintain the record of machinery, parts, tools, fuel, consumables and repairing jobs and inform to in charge. Watch keeping duty. Monthly salary Rs.7,000/- to 12,000/-
  • 2nd Class Driver/1st Class Driver: - Driver is the over all in charge of Engine room. He is responsible for maintaining the engine room, machineries, consumables, store, and repairs and inform to master and company. Monthly salary Rs.12.000/- to 20,000/-(2nd class driver) and Rs.22.000/- to 25,000/-(1st class driver)

Documents Required:

    1. Valid ID proof
    2. Valid address proof
    3. Valid medical fitness certificate
    4. Valid police verification certificate
    5. Minimum 10th passed certificate
    6. Age proof certificate ( age minimum 18th years)
    7. Any reference or Guarantor
    8. Declaration letter that you discussed and fully understood then applied and booked courses for training.

Inland vessel means: - the ship which are having authority to move or ply in one port or harbor having harbor license or as instructed by harbor master or port authorities. Inland vessel can sail for one port to other port by special permission. Few inland vessels are – Cargo barge, water barge, Bunker barge, Dump barge, Tug, passenger launch, Dredger etc.


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